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1/2oz Brothers and Arms TRUE BLUE Gun Oil
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1/2oz Brothers and Arms TRUE BLUE Gun Oil[736211002099]

1 each of the 1/2 FL OZ bottle of gun lubricant. Dumonde Tech has been producing motorsports racing oils since the early 1990’s. Our premise was always been to “think out side of the box” in the development of new lubricants, oils and cleaners. Dumonde Tech is not just other oil or lubricant company. Working with special additive companies, top teams and racers, our diligence to develop the very best products has been proven time and time again at races worldwide. Tested and Proven! TRUE BLUE Gun Lubricant's Micro Resistant Complex Compounds (MRCC) continues development after 10 years. Originally developed for our motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection, reducing friction and increase in adhesion creating much higher film strength then common, traditional technology. Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. TRUE BLUE'S formulation is a “liquid plastic” through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. Does not build up. Does not become sticky or gooey. With Dumonde Tech's popularity and success of our motorsports products, Dumonde Tech decided the next step was to develop a top tier bicycle lubricant line in the late 90’s. Again, performance proved that Dumonde Tech’s products are world class for cyclists and manufacturers seeking the best performing products for their bicycles. As the popularity of our bicycle lubes grew, we started hearing from our customers asking “how would Dumonde Tech lubricants perform in a gun?” Not having experience in the gun industry, we had controlled testing performed by seasoned shooters using formulations that we had available. The feed back was not surprising, and very encouraging. Just a grain of the feedback we heard: “This lube really works good!” “I am very impressed.” “I am in the military. I like it so much better then what I have used. When I need more, I will be buying it from my local bike shop and send to where I’m deployed overseas. It is much better then the military issued lube.” Working closely with Brothers & Arms® USA, we developed a firearms specific oil and grease to test. Being transparent, TRUE BLUE has some similarities to our Pro X bicycle lubes, but with specific additive for the shear firearms produces. All the feed back was right on target with our past experience. The products were the best they had ever used. Brothers & Arms® USA TRUE BLUE™ Gun Lubricants by Dumonde Tech was ready to be introduced to the gun and firearms market. True Blue definition: “marked by unswerving loyalty”. Australian slang Urban Dictionary “The real thing, no bullshit.” One statement on the Internet by a reputable gunsmith says: “Let’s be clear: there are no “new”, “revolutionary” lubricant products made for firearms. That’s a flat statement, and it’s intended to be. All of the lubricants, bases, and additives of suitable use are already well known to the lubricant industry. Specific combinations might be unique, but it’s all been tried before – if not necessarily on guns.” Well sir, you are incorrect. Dumonde Tech is not a “revolutionary” product line. “Unique” YES. “…all tried before….”, only in our full product line!

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